FARTLEKS – When you run this fartlek, you run around a soccer field. You run the length of a soccer field in 17 to 20 seconds, and then run the width in 40 seconds, and keep going until you have completed 10 complete laps around the field. When doing the length, push yourself to get to 17 seconds. Why settle for mediocrity?

I usually try to do this on a track, I just enjoy it more. So run the straight, then jog across the track to the beginning of the other straight. You can make your rest 35 secs if you want to push yourself a little harder, that way your are working at a 2-1 work rest ratio.

You can also do this on a street. Measure out 115 yards, run the straightaway, jog 20 secs, jog 20 secs back then run that same 115 yard straightaway. NO EXCUSES!


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